What the Nexus Redesign 2

Project Details

Client: Reigning Sun
Date: May 4, 2014
Skills: HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop
View: No longer active

Project Description

The original incarnation of What the Nexus was designed long before the game was set to release. So as it got closer to the game’s launch day, I felt that the website looked a bit dated, and needed a redesign. I had about a year’s worth of experience working with WordPress and running fan sites that I wanted to apply to this new version of What the Nexus.


What the Nexus Redesign 3
What the Nexus Redesign 5

Divi Customization

Of course, being me, I wasn’t about to just slap a theme on a website and call it a day. No! I had to customize it and make it my own! Don’t get me wrong, the base Divi is incredibly sexy and great. But I needed it to be even better.

I replaced the default slider module with the more powerful Revolution Slider. I added special code to make the dropdown menu animated. I integrated Google AdSense so I could generate a passive income from advertising. I didn’t do too much in changing the look and feel of the theme, because Divi was perfect for a sleek, futuristic website. But I definitely added some cool features and pushed the limits of what Divi, and WordPress in general, can do.

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