Typhonic Beast 2

Project Details

Client: Typhonic Beast
Date: October 14, 2013
Skills: HTML, CSS, Enjin, Bootstrap, Photoshop
View: No longer active

Project Description

Ah, Typhonic Beast, how I miss thee. <BEAST> was the greatest guild I’ve ever been a part of. I may be biased, as I was the founder and leader. I had been gaming with Typhonic Beast for years, and we went through a few different websites over those years until we eventually ended with this WordPress project. I designed this site as the guild was moving into Final Fantasy XIV.



Branding and Logo

Since Typhonic Beast was my own creation, it followed the same branding and style as all my other personal projects. It was named in tribute to an Egyptian god (Set, in this case) and had mixed elements of Egyptian and modern grunge design. I actually went all out on the grunge with this website. Nothing about this project was subtle. It had to show that the guild was bold, badass, and fucking awesome.



Typhonic Beast 1
Typhonic Beast 4

Shop System

One of the unique features that I’ve always included in the guilds that I’ve led was a special guild shop that rewarded members for donations. For raiding, we used a special DKP system called “Beast Points”. These points were earned by contributing to the guild in many different ways – showing up early to raids, killing bosses, donating gold or items to the bank, writing guides for our members, and even as awards from guild sponsored tournaments and events.

In addition to using these points to keep track of who is most deserving of raid loot, we also had a store built into the website. Members could use their points to purchase items directly from our guild bank. Items included crafting materials, epic gear, vanity items, and more. This feature really set us apart from all the other guilds.



Typhonic Beast 3

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