Jeanne Sutton - Feature

Project Details

Client: Jeanne Sutton
Date: November 1, 2013
Skills: HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript (jQuery)
View: No longer active

Project Description

This was a pro bono project that, while it fell through with the client, I’m quite proud of. It required me to expand my web development skills instead of just design. I had to build a custom WordPress plugin to let my client showcase her real estate listings.

jeanne sutton - 2
jeanne sutton - 4

Project Development

I had become very adept at using WordPress as a platform for my websites at this point. However, I had very little experience in the development side of things. Up to this point, I was strictly a designer and only handled aesthetics. This project required me to learn some new skills – mostly JavaScript and PHP – in order to create, from scratch, a plugin that would allow my client to showcase real estate listings.


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