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Project Details

Client: Claudine Whitton for Leesburg Mardi Gras Queen
Date: January 1, 2016
Skills: Branding, Web Design

Project Description

My awesome mom, Claudine Whitton, decided to run for Queen of Leesburg Mardi Gras in 2016. So, of course, I was voluntold into designing a website for her campaign. I was actually pretty happy about it because her theme was Egyptian, so I was able to have lots of fun with the design. No other campaign in the history of Leesburg Mardi Gras has ever had a more spectacular website!

Her website actually had a lot of requirements that I hadn’t actually touched in the past. She had to have a custom events calendar built, as well as have eCommerce capabilities to sell tickets to an event. Luckily, WordPress is an awesome platform so I was able to find plugins to cover all the functionality I could ever want.

Bold Mardi Gras Inspired Design

Not only did I design the website to match her Egyptian motif as “Claudopatra, Queen of Denial”, but I also had to match it to Mardi Gras in general. This project was, after all, for the Leesburg Partnership’s annual Mardi Gras. So I used lots of bold purples and greens, and made sure that people knew we were here to party!

claudopatra event

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