What People Are Saying About Us

Are you playing with your website again?

- My Ex Girlfriend

He’s sweet, funny, and handsome. And single, ladies!

- My Mom

Yeah, they’re good. I guess. Kinda weird, though.

- Dave

Perfection Quote

The Best Blog in History

Okay, so that’s probably an embellishment. But we are a blog, and we do exist in history! Two out of three ain’t bad! So what exactly is Twisted Jackal all about anyways? We’re part blog, part portfolio, part app development studio, and part lizard totally human. Basically, we’re the bombdiggity.

Our blog was born from all the experience and ideas we have, and our desperate need to share them with the world. You’ll find great tutorials, tips, and other musings on web design and WordPress in particular. We also dabble in the realms of freelancing topics such as productivity, time management, and marketing.

That cool quote to the left is our company creed. It’s infused into every design we do and every article we write. Whenever people tell us it’s not healthy to be a perfectionist, we just roll our perfect eyes at them. Even if we’re not quite the “best blog in history”, we sure as hell strive to be.

Malachi Draven

Mad Skillz

  • Photoshop 85%
  • Illustrator 80%
  • HTML/CSS 90%
  • JavaScript (jQuery) 75%
  • Dance Dance Revolution 95%
  • Household Chores 4%

Level of Skill (Measured in Awesome)

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